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"Would just like to say a Massive thank you to Lisa from Meersbrook Equine Therapy for her tremedous work on my boy...My boy has never felt so supple and 'liquid' whilst riding, i am convinced that this is due to the physio he received from Meersbrook!! He was un-cooperative and stroppy prior to his sessions, I now have a very happy and relaxed horse!! Thanks Lisa, I will be recommending you in the future!!
Sam Kinchin, owner of Sunny
''I always feel a huge difference when using Lisa after my horses have received treatment.  Her knowledge and expertise is evident in the difference I feel.  I work closely with Lisa to monitor straightness and general flexibility which is all so important in dressage, especially for my top competition horses. I am also lucky enough to receive regular treatment myself and really benefit, like my horses, from this.  Lisa's professional attitude and precision to detail among horses and riders would benefit anyone from a happy hacker to an international dressage rider - I would highly recommend her.  Thank you Lisa!''
Emily Richards, Dressage Rider
"My 19 year old mare was on the verge of retirement as the stiffness throughout her back and the arthritis in her hocks meant she was continually sore and unsound. Working in combination with my vet, Lisa helped my horse to be happy and school soundly again. I always knew when Lisa had worked on the horse as she was more free and relaxed after her treatments. Lisa has a very calm and caring attitude towards the horses along with a knowledgable and professional attitude to her work"
Jo, West Midlands
''I contacted Lisa in January 2013 as our horse was having obvious problems with her back - was behaving totally out of character and subsequently bronked to get my daughter off her back.  Lisa came to see us within days of my first enquiry and gave Sienna a head to toe examination and massage - she found that Sienna had got problems, advised we get our saddle checked and to also get a Chiropractor out as she had put her pelvis out.  We had the Chiropractor out to sort out her pelvis and Lisa came out to check Sienna over and found a positive difference in her.  Once she could be ridden again, we had her saddle checked - the saddle fitter gave the same advice as was given by Lisa, and we bought a new leather saddle and a sheepskin half pad to give her more padding just in case she was a bit sore.  All in all I would thoroughly recommend Lisa - she is kind, approachable, knowledgeable, fairly priced and reliable.  Her professionalism in her work goes without doubt in that full reports were submitted to both us and our vets.  I make no hesitation in making Lisa my first point of call should we have any other problems in the future.''
Mrs Vicky Campbell, Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire
'' Reference Salsa 16.1hh Mare 12/13 years old
Developed arthritis in both front pasterns caused by concussion.
Contacted Lisa, who visited to try to help the mare feel more comfortable on the hind quarters and any other areas that might be affected by the possible shift of weight bearing due to the injury. 
After the initial visit I noticed that Salsa did look more comfortable particularly in the shoulders and rear quarters.
I was happy with Lisa and how she was with my mare  and would definitely call on her again should the need arise.''
Clare Griffiths, Worcestershire
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